Gumleaf Gutter Protection

Gumleaf Gutter Guard is proudly servicing both the North and South islands of NZ. This is not only a kiwi owned company, it is also an Australian company owned and started by kiwis. This tough product is not only made from the same material as your roof, it looks and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Gutter guards come in a variety of types and designs but not all are of the quality of a Colour Steel/Bluescope steel product. Our product comes with a unique louvered system so leaves have a lot less chance of getting caught.

Protecting your spouting is now one of the most beneficial things to do to your home to protect from:

  • premature rusting
  • flooding to your home
  • blocked downpipes and overflowing guttering
  • birds and possums nesting in your roof
  • Silt build up in water tanks
  • and gutters collapsing from the weight of snow

Gumleaf is proudly available through Bunnings warehouse throught New Zealand and our gutter guard/leaf guard is displayed in all Bunnings store in the lifestyle section. Free installation quotes and any questions are only a phone call away on 0800 486 532.

Full install instructions and DVD is available at

From heavy rain in Kaitaia to snow storms in Queenstown, Gumleaf will benefit your home when nature calls.

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